Our Achievements

COPE completed 21,853 requests for Pre-Admission Review between April 1, 2016 and October 30, 2017.

  • These requests represent 11,446 unique consumers.

  • Over 95% of the Pre-Admission Reviews dispositions for fiscal year 2017 were completed within 3-hours, meeting or exceeding MDHHS performance standards.

  • COPE call-center services demonstrated an average response time of less than 12 seconds through the FY and a call abandonment rate of under 3%. 

  • By tracking data never before available, over 1600 requests for service were identified as meeting CRU criteria though were admitted inpatient due to a lack of CRU beds in the community.  Not only were COPE's services instrumental in demonstrating the need for increased Crisis Residential (CRU) services in our community but they also served to teach the community about the use of CRU as an alternative to hospitalization.


  • Data demonstrates, without pre-screening elements applied, that it is 200% more likely that a telephonic pre-admission review will result in an inpatient admission than a face-to-face assessment.

  • COPE services demonstrated a decreased rate in inpatient admissions from 75% in fiscal year 2015 (prior to COPE's inception) to 61% in fiscal year 2017.

  • COPE provided Crisis Stabilization Services for 1725 unique consumers in fiscal year 2017; a service unavailable to Wayne County consumers prior to COPE.

  • Consumer Satisfaction Surveys in FY 2017 demonstrated an overall satisfaction score regarding COPE Services of between 90-96% each month.