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Mobile Crisis Stabilization

Mobile Crisis Stabilization Teams are available 7-days to follow-up with consumers referred from emergency departments and referred to less than inpatient and community services that are not medically monitored 24-hours (e.g. Crisis Residential and SUD Residential or Withdrawal Management).

Prior to the consumer leaving the emergency department, a stabilization appointment is offered and scheduled.  Within 24-hours of the initial PAR, a mobile crisis stabilization team, made up of a licensed, Master's degreed clinicians and peer support specialist, reach out to meet with the consumer face-to-face at thier place of residence to:

  • Identify the individual's needs

  • Develop a plan to reduce the recurrence of the identified crisis

  • Ensure basic needs for living in the community safely are met

  • Ensure medical needs, both psychiatric and physical, are met

  • Establish communication with the individual's local Community Mental Health clinic of choice

  • Continue services with the individual until a physical linkage withe a community clinic is achieved


Mobile Crisis Stabilization services are provided up-to 28-days; the frequency at which services are provided is based on the individual's needs.

Mobile teams are available to assist at AFC homes to prevent crisis from occurring by providing coaching services to staff, short-term respite for the consumer at Community Outreach for Psychiatric Emergencies' walk-in facility and or urgent medication reviews by COPE's on-site psychiatrists.

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