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Adult Foster Care (AFC) 
Psychiatric Crisis Prevention Services

Adult Foster Care staff can contact Community Outreach for Psychiatric Emergencies (COPE) for assistance 24-hour/day by contacting the main COPE number or by calling:

AFC specific telephone line



The AFC line is answered by a licensed clinician prepared to provide immediate assessment of the situation and is prepared to dispatch the appropriate service.

  COPE Services Available to AFC Providers and Their Residents:

  • On-Site Assessment within 2-hours of request

  • On-Site Follow-Up Services by a Mobile Stabilization Team to reduce escalation of an impending crisis and or reduce the likelihood of a crisis recurring

  • On-Site Coaching of AFC Staff in Behavioral Management and De-Escalation Techniques

  • Short-Term respite at COPE's CSU for Residents needing short-term structure away from the home

  • 24-Hour Access at the COPE CSU to Psychiatric Evaluations and Medication Administration

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